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Re: [tor-talk] [tor-relays] Onion v2 HSDir Support (ref: v3 prop224) [was: fishy fingerprint patterns]

On 1/4/19, V <various> wrote:
> "crypto" "security" "sofware dev" "support" fud re v2

"Hey, here's v2, it uses older crypto and mechanics that
are not as robust etc as v3... However v2 offers useful features
for many users, and those features are not yet available in a
newer design (volunteers to create some designs welcomed).
As such, v2 received a last and final major formal update, and
a backport from v3 concepts, was crafted into a more maintainable
modular form, and has now been set out for community maintenance
(maintainers welcomed). v3 has been set as default.
Users will need to explicitly configure older versions as needed.
Volunteer relay operators offer v2 HSDir flag to support users.
Here is a table that fully compares and contrasts v2 vs v3
so that users may choose which best suits their needs...
And here are roadmaps for v3 and vN ..."

"Please remember before going for a walk... you could trip
up your own laces, your shoes could fall apart, you could
be mugged, it could even rain, thus walk at your own risk,
or stay inside, or just have fun."

This isn't hard, everyone happy.
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