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Re: [tor-talk] restricting output to the tor process, when using Tor browser

On Mon, 27 Jan 2020, Mirimir wrote:

> But, in a Debian VM running Tor browser, I found that the tor process is
> running as the login user. And so iptables is totally useless.
> However, it's apparently easy to start Tor browser as its own user,
> using Micah Lee's torbrowser-launcher.[0] Is that a prudent solution?
> 0)
> https://medium.com/@jamesmacwhite/running-the-tor-browser-on-kali-linux-the-proper-way-d33a38b54e96

I think what is on this page does not solve your issue as they run both
the browser and the tor daemon (started by the browser) as the same user.

What you can do is run tor using the debian tor package, and configure
Tor Browser to use the system tor daemon (instead of starting its own):

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