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Re: [tor-talk] Use Tor in a right track.

On Mon, 27 Jan 2020, Jason Evans wrote:

> On Monday, January 27, 2020 1:07:26 PM CET Jason Long wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I want to secure the internet connection of an application like Telegram. If
> > I set the Telegram proxy to use Socks5( then is it enough?
> >
> > Thank you.
> First of all, make sure it is Socks 5 + DNS because you want your DNS requests 
> to be anonymous also.
> Also, Tor is primarily an anonymity tool. If you have to log into Telegram 
> with a private phone number, then you're not going to be anonymous and so Tor 
> isn't going to be a big help to you. That is, unless you're using a burner 
> phone/sim that doesn't have your real name associated with it.

Tor is more than just an anonymity tool, it allows you to select what
others know about you and what you are doing. For example, even if you
agree to tell Telegram who you are, you might not want to tell them
where you are located and allow them to record an history of all your
travels. Maybe you also don't want your ISP to know that you are using
Telegram and allow them to record an history of when you have been using

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