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Re: No intro circ found for INTRODUCE1

On Sat, Jul 02, 2005 at 09:27:10PM +0200, tildeOne tor router wrote:
> Jul 02 19:50:36.546 [warn] rend_mid_introduce(): No intro circ found for
> INTRODUCE1 cell ([scrubbed]) from circuit 15624; responding with nack
> What does it mean? It's in my logs every one to four minutes since nine
> hours or so.

Section 0.2 of http://tor.eff.org/cvs/tor/doc/rend-spec.txt shows the
steps for a hidden-service rendezvous. Basically what has happened
here is that somebody established an introduction point at your server,
advertised this fact, and then disappeared. People who want to get to
his hidden service will try your intro point, and since the circuit he
established to you is gone, all you can do is tell people (in step 8)
that you didn't introduce them to anybody.

If the guy comes back, he will establish new introduction points and
upload a new descriptor telling people about them. If not, the hidden
service descriptor will expire after REND_CACHE_MAX_AGE seconds (currently
48 hours).

But you raise a good point -- there's no need to be squealing to the
server operator whenever this happens. Now that I'm pretty sure this whole
rendezvous thing works, I should make the server just quietly do its job.
I'll try to tone down the rendezvous-related warns and notices in 0.1.1.x.