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Re: spawn_enough_dnsworkers

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On 03.07.2005 04:02, Roger Dingledine wrote:
>> After this no traffic at all, the tor.pid was still there but no process
>> running and therefor none killed when restarting.
>> Now I don't think it's just a coincidence.
> By "after this", do you have a sense of how long after that log entry
> the Tor process died? I still claim it's a coincidence. :)
"After this" ranges from half an hour to an hour. What makes me think
it's not a coincidence is that the server has died several times and in
each of these cases the last logs said spawn_enough... which is a notice
appearing rarely compared to other logs. I think if it was a coincidence
logs before dying should be rather random.

> The next step is probably to try to get a core file. Also, you should
> check the output of "dmesg" to make sure your out-of-memory-killer isn't
> in action.
I didn't find core files right now that it happened again. I did ulimit
- -c unlimited before starting tor the last time. dmesg doesn't show
anything helpful too. I'm sorry, I know this isn't very helpful. Thanks
for your replies anyway.


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