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Re: tor and Daemantools-0.76

Hi all,
the -d3500000 is perfectly acceptable for running as a hidden service or client... I did say you needed to tune for your usage.
I did NOT post a server example... unfortunately tor on openbsd current seems to just disappear and I have found neither core or assert messages. I am currently working on a systrace version of Daemontools, tor and privoxy for use as a server with settings appropriate for that scenario.

AS I use hidden services as a VPN for certain ssh/http servers this seems to work.

Servers I have also been experimenting with are on FreeBSD5.3, OSX(Tiger and Panther), Debian-unstable as well as miscellaneous others.

and just for you Roger
a 100 second delay on restart:)

---cut here ---
sleep $SLEEP
exec 2>&1
exec envuidgid tor envdir ./env softlimit -d3500000 /usr/bin/su tor -c /usr/local/bin/tor
---cut here-

    a tor operator

Roger Dingledine wrote:

On Fri, Jul 01, 2005 at 11:48:11AM -0700, tor wrote:

as the current tor Alphas are somewhat unstable under OpenBSD AND I DONT have the time to track down the instability I have elected to put tor under DJ Bernsteins Daemontools to restart as needed.

Do you get cores? Do you get assert failures? Please spend a few moments to provide a bug report if you have any hints.

Also, please please please put a sleep(100) in your script somewhere.
We had a bug a while ago where people would start their Tor, it would
suck down a directory, kill itself, restart, suck down another directory,
repeat. This was not good for our volunteer's bandwidth. :)

---cut here ---
exec 2>&1
exec envuidgid tor envdir ./env softlimit -d3500000 /usr/bin/su tor -c /usr/local/bin/tor
---cut here---

the -d3500000 should probably be tuned for your usage

Is your instability based on the fact that a 3.5MB data segment is incredibly too small to run a Tor server? You want another one or two orders of magnitude more than this.