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Re: I'm seeing someone else's localhost.localdomain


Thank you for the explanation.

In my case, it seems that mozilla (with url
'http://pgsql.localhost.localdomain/') and no tor/privoxy, reads my
'/etc/hosts' file and resolves the local ip addresses without going
to net dns (I'm not seeing outgoing packets to dns).

While firefox, using tor/privoxy, seems to not check/resolve with
'/etc/hosts' before going to a net dns machine.  I suppose that,
possibly, this is a firefox issue while in 'proxy mode'.

If my assessment, in regards to '/etc/hosts' not being read,
is correct, I would think either tor/privoxy, or firefox, has a problem
that should be corrected.  And the more I think about it, it would
seem that it's a firefox problem.

It would seem to me, Firefox should be checking the '/etc/hosts' file
_before_ it goes to the proxy.

Yes?  No?

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