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I'm seeing someone else's localhost.localdomain

I'm running a privoxy/tor combo.  AFAICT, the combo is  working fine.

In the process of doing some apache2 configuing and testing,
I ran across something interesting... other people('s)
xxxx.localhost.localdomain pages were being shown.

the circumstances...

I'm setting up apache2 on a machine behind a firewall/router (linux).
I'm setting up a test of apache/ruby/rails(/ajax, next), using apache
'VirtualHost'(s).  Since, my initial 'rails' test involves a postgresql
database, I have set the apache config 'VirtualHost' param 'ServerName'
to 'pgsql'.

Preliminary indications are that the configuration is working properly.

This machine's apache is only serving to itself.  This machine is on
a local lan and connected to the net via the firewall/router.
The router is not forwarding inet http requests to it.

In my '/etc/hosts', I have a line:

' localhost tiger localhost.localdomain pgsql.localhost.localdomain'

The 'pgsql.localhost.localdomain' is the intended to tell apache,
running on, which virtual host to use.

In mozilla, using the URL 'http://pgsql.localhost.localdomain/',
the intended apache/rails page is served.

In firefox, which is assigned to use the privoxy/tor web proxy combo,
the URL 'http://pgsql.localhost.localdomain/' returns a php admin
page titled 'H-Sphere'.  I don't have php installed on any of my

The URL continues to read 'http://pgsql.localhost.localdomain/'.

When I use the URL 'http://localhost.localdomain/', mozilla shows
me the expected apache/rails page, while firefox shows me some page
from some machine on the net.

Repeatedly using the same URL on firefox gets me different pages.

I assume I'm seeing the localhost.localdomain pages being served by
the various tor servers my requests finally end up going through.

Am I correct?

If I'm correct, it would seem that this shouldn't be happening...
seeing a tor server machine's internal files, and/or other servers.



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