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Re: Soekris VPN-1401, OpenSSL,OpenBSD and TOR

On Tue, Jul 12, 2005 at 01:37:44PM -0700, tor wrote:
> Recently I had the chance to obtain a soekris vpn-1401 PCI encryptor 
> board, with the following ,

Great. Our most recent alpha release has some support for hardware
crypto accelerators:
but it's untested because we don't own any. Please test. :)

This is mainly the public key stuff currently, if I understand

> I will be using it as a hardware assist for AES encryption

Our AES implementation is software-only and ships with Tor currently
though. This is because when we started, most openssl's didn't have
AES. In fact, many of them still don't. It's on our todo list to start
using the openssl AES implementation if available, so we can take
advantage of hardware accelerators if present. Feel free to step up
and send us a patch for this, if you want it to happen quicker. :)