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Confirm new Tor server working?


My server runs Debian. I finally got the clock to stop losing time (lots)
which was holding me back from running Tor. I installed Tor from the .deb
packages and edited /etc/tor/torrc as explained, and then restarted Tor. I
have both hardware and software firewalls so I tried to edit all the
relevant places to allow for traffic on 9001 and 9030 (both TCP and UDP
since I didn't know which). However, I could have forgotten to edit
something or done something wrong, so I'm wondering:

What can I do to confirm that the Tor server is working?

I've looked at the list at http://moria.seul.org:9031/ but I don't really
understand it nor do I know the fingerprint of my server to try to match
it up with that list. Thanks for any tips.