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Re: Confirm new Tor server working?

Hi Peter,

> On Fri, 15 Jul 2005, brianwc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> What can I do to confirm that the Tor server is working?
>> I've looked at the list at http://moria.seul.org:9031/ but I don't
>> really
>> understand it nor do I know the fingerprint of my server to try to match
>> it up with that list. Thanks for any tips.
> Does your server have a name?

Within torrc I called it: sharealike

It is on a box called 1080amg at the domain sharealike.org, that is,
1080amg.sharealike.org. The IP begins 64.36... and searching for any of
this on the moria.seul.org:9031 list gives no results.