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Re: Confirm new Tor server working?

On Fri, Jul 15, 2005 at 09:58:04AM -0700, brianwc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

:Within torrc I called it: sharealike
:It is on a box called 1080amg at the domain sharealike.org, that is,
:1080amg.sharealike.org. The IP begins 64.36... and searching for any of
:this on the moria.seul.org:9031 list gives no results.

looks like (atleast) one of the packet filters is still blocking port
9030. I should be able to connect with a web browser and get the
directory listing, but the connection just times out (I'd get refused
quickly if the port was open in the firewall but there wasn't anything
listening on your machine)