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RE: question

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So far, I've only figured out how to disable the logging of the
traffic.  I agree that this is a problem for a tor server
(particularly filter cookies), however benign, as it could be used in
a "non-benignly" way.

So far, I haven't seen a way to disable this sniffing, this may
exclude me from being able to operate an exit server.

By the way, I did the test with forcing another box to use my tor
server as the exit server, and it did catch the trojan on the server,
which didn't make it back to the client machine.  I can see that it
was never in danger of infecting my server, but my av pulled the
malicious item out of the packets for that connection.  I guess, if I
want to continue to use the AV on my pc (which I do) I will have to
operate as only a middle-man server, which is what I will do.

- -Bob

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> I, as a tor user would prefer if this did not happen to my traffic.
> Is there any way you can exempt tor from this policy? I
> understand this is,
> or is supposed to be, completely benign, but I'd rather protect my
> own privacy.
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> Echo Nolan

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