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RE: question

I'm guessing that the Norton program is only checking port 80 traffic.  Plus
all middleman traffic on a tor server would have layers of encryption around
it. A tor exit server is sending unencrypted traffic out to the 'net, and
receiving unencrypted (except for things like ssl and ssh, etc..) traffic
back to send through the onion routers .  A tor middleman has no exit ports
(ExitPolicy reject *.*).

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> Just out of curiousity, how does being only an exit
> server help this?
> Is it because exit things are plain text and middleman
> things are encrypted?
> I am fairly certain it has nothing to do with the
> ports used, right?  Because, unless I misunderstand
> the TOR system (which is indeed quite likely) TOR
> servers who are middleman are requested to keep open
> all exit ports, to be able to contact other TOR
> servers on those ports...