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Re: chaining JAP and Tor

On Thu, 2005-07-21 at 12:57 -0400, Paul Syverson wrote:
> First an aside: I want to respond to a JAP FUD comment that has
> already been posted. I do not think that JAP is backdoored right
> now. If it were backdoored though (as in the past) I doubt they could
> tell us legally. Same is true of Tor by the way, which is why
> independent inspection of the source and alertness to sudden
> disappearance of the source is recommended. But, even with source code
> signed and in hand, you have no direct evidence that the Tor server or
> JAP server through which you route is running it; although you can
> compile the client yourself. And the source code for JAP is
> available. You just have to go to the JAP site to see. It beats idle
> speculation.

All correct, and in response to the FUD piece, this is why I was
careful to label it as my opinion, just as it is only your opinion
that it is not. Also, I made sure to point out that even on
Freenet, it was only hearsay and recommend the JAP users to make
their *own* investigation, and determination.

I am not intending to spread FUD, merely provide a cautionary
note to people who may not otherwise have heard any of those
rumors. Raising awareness was the intent, not FUD.

Caveat emptor still always applies.

And in the end, we both recommend do your own inspection, so
it seems we are ultimately violently agreeing with each other.
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