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Re: FTP with Tor

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On 22.07.2005 21:40, Ben Clifford wrote:
>>As a follow up to my last post RE: FTP with Tor
>>I see that Smart FTP and Filezilla FTP clients are able to use Socks 4a 
>>proxies. Does this mean that Tor can be used safely with these FTP clients? 
>>The DNS issue is not a worry. Tor does not need to be used with Privoxy 
>>when using these FTP clients (which is lucky as Privoxy does not support 
>>FTP). I would be so grateful if anyone has any pointers for using Tor with 
>>Best wishes,
>>>FTP with Tor
>>>I want to use Tor with FTP protocols. Specifically uploading some files to 
>>>some webspace that I have (using FTP). How best to go about this? Now Tor 
>>>works fine with FTP. BUT privoxy does not
>>>support FTP. And using Tor without privoxy is not be advised.  So, how can 
>>>I get around this? Would be v.grateful for any ideas. I guess 
>>>"tor-resolve" may be one option. Can it solve the DNS issue and is it OK 
>>>with FTP? I can see "tor-resolve" in my program files folder (i am using 
>>>windows) but don't know how to use it/activate it. Cannot find anything on 
>>>the web re: this. Would be so grateful for any suggestions.

Hi Ben,

as you said tor works fine with FTP (haven't tried though). If I don't
misunderstand the fact that an application speaks socks 4a doesn't mean
the dns leakage problem is not present. A word on tor-resolve (which I
haven't tried too): It's nothing you can "activate", rather a program
that you run to resolve one single domain name to one sinlge IP address
using the tor network. Given the case you want to upload thing to always
the same FTP server (assuming it has a static IP) you can use
tor-resolve to resolve the name of that server and put the IP in as the
host name in your FTP client. Now, if your proxy setting are set for
tor, everything should be fine because there is no domain name to
resolve (which would happen non-anonymous).


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