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Re: FTP with Tor

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On 23.07.2005 00:09, Ben Clifford wrote:
> Hi,
> 1) "the fact that an application speaks socks 4a doesn't mean the dns 
> leakage problem is not present."
> Oh. Can you perhaps explain the significance of socks4a for me? Why is it so 
> important to Tor if it is not related to this DNS issue? Isn't the 
> importance of Privoxy something to do with it enabling Tor to be used as a 
> Socks4a proxy as opposed to a Socks4 or Socks5 proxy?
Sorry, I can't (I'm really not that network guru at all, just starting
to learn)

> 2) So, I think what you are saying is that if I input an IP address to the 
> FTP client, instead of a domain name, then there will be no DNS issue cause 
> it will of course not have to look up the corresponding IP address to the 
> domain name - it already has the IP address! A good idea for sure. Now, how 
> to get the IP address for a given ftp domain name? Could use Tor-resolve:
> "a program that you run to resolve one single domain name to one sinlge IP 
> address
> using the tor network."
> How do I run Tor-resolve? Still don't really know how to use the Tor-resolve 
> functionality.
usage (in DOS promt, if you are on windows):

tor_resolve [-v] hostname [sockshost:socksproxy]

arguments in [] are optional, -v means verbose output, without defining
sockshost:socksport tor_resovle defaults to localhost:9050.

> 3) With FTP - is it best to use Tor as a 1) Socks4a proxy 2) Socks4 proxy or 
> 3) Socks 5 proxy?

I think it should be socks 4a (but again, I don't really know the
significance - guess there are people knowing much better on the list).

Hope that helps

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