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Re: minimise to system tray

I've played with this a bit tonight, here are my comments:

1) It's great and appears to work as I'd expect.
2) The installer should assume the default path and prompt for yes/no
from the user, esp if the tor.exe can't be found in the default path.
3) If the torrc doesn't have the control service enabled, it should
either do it for the user, or bring up the config file in
notepad/wordpad/default editor
4) there should be a readme file or something that pops up after
installation to explain basic usage.  

What further testing do you think it needs to leave beta stage?  It
seems to work real well in my short testing period.

On Sun, Jul 31, 2005 at 03:49:50PM -0500, Matt_Edman@xxxxxxxxxx wrote 4.1K bytes in 74 lines about:
: You might also try this little Tor controller for Windows at http://www.freehaven.net/~edmanm/torcp/
: It runs in the tray and can control Tor running as a service, or start Tor as a console app and
: hide the console window. If you have problems with it, e-mail the address listed on the
: contact page.
: On 7/27/05, Konstantine <listclient@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
: > Hi
: > is there any way to minimise tor to the system tray on windows XP?
: > thanks
: >