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Re: Tor and https


you probably can access port 8443 fine as there are at least a few
servers allowing exit traffic from there.  my guess is that privoxy may
be causing a problem with javascript in addition to the fact that your
ip keeps changing when using tor (so plesk will keep logging you out
every time your ip changes). -- you can get privoxy to trust your plesk
site's ip/hostname, but you will still have plesk problems when using
tor because of your apparent ip changing.

(i also found bugs when using firefox "deer park" with plesk, so if you
are using that [for the no-dns leakage abilities] then that will be an
issue when trying to do some things in plesk.)

On Mon, 2005-07-25 at 21:35 +0000, Ben Clifford wrote:
> Dear all,
> I want to use Tor to look at an https site. This https site being a Plesk* 
> entry point
> Plesk entry point: https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xx:8443
> Note that the port used for this site is 8443.
> I have tried looking at this webpage with Tor (with Privoxy and without) but 
> cannot get it working. Help!! Would be so grateful if someone can give me 
> some advice. If it is not possible with Tor - is there any other anonymity 
> package I can use?
> * The Plesk software package manages web servers. It allows a server 
> administrator to set up new websites, email accounts, and DNS entries 
> through a web-based interface.

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