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Re: tor non certo

I'm having same troubles too.I'm using tor with no privoxy and a firefox plugin called foxyproxy allowing to run tor without privoxy but connections fail and i have to restart tor.If you hear let me know.ok?

acro.de.g@xxxxxxxxx ha scritto:
Dear Tor List Readers:

Windows and a Broadcom [linux drivers unavailable]-[ndiswrapper too
much effort] pci 802.11 wireless card complicate my setup.
If you have any suggestions to improve my Tor's stability, I would
appreciate hearing back from you, as I would like to get the internet
working more reliably.

dd-wrt+tor firmware, vmware Tor machine, or something else, but would
ideally prefer a windows fix: Tor drops connections often, and churns,
quickest way to continue is to close Tor and restart.  Any


firefox. Tor v0.1.1.21, vidalia 6, privoxy. XP media center edition
Broadcom chip based Linksys PCI 802.11g card. \PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_020
utorrent1.6 linksys v.5 router dd-wrt v.23