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Re: Tor & dynamic dns

On the gateway machine where tor is set as a middle exit policy i have to manually set the ipaddress cause the pubblic interface eth0 is connected to a router (2 gateways for my lan) .Tor doesn't manage to resolve gabrix.ath.cx which is my FQDN.
Apparently Linuxbox eth0 should have the pubblic ip my lan is so configured:
[router netgear]---[linuxboxTOR]---[switch]---[serverWWW]-[serverMAIL]

Marco A. Calamari wrote:
I have online several nodes that use xDSL lines with
 dynamic IP and fixed names using dynamic dns.

When the associates modem/router change address after a disconnection
(common situation on italian xDSL lines, that disconnects daily
or more often) the host update his name without stopping tor.

In the torrc there is the FQDN, not the IP

I noticed that such nodes appear and disappear often
 in the serifos statistics


despite the fact that they are always reachable, usable and
 present in the tor directory.

Must I restart Tor each time the IP change ? Or do something
 else ?

Or this effect is due to different reason I haaave not understood ?

Thanks a lot.   Marco