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Re: Reliability of circuit extension if target server is running a Tor exit node

Fabian Keil wrote:
I read on <http://wiki.noreply.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/TorFAQ#ExitEavesdroppers>:

|Tor does provide a partial solution in a very specific situation, though.
|When you make a connection to a destination that also runs a Tor server,
|Tor will automatically extend your circuit so you exit from that circuit.
|So for example if Indymedia ran a Tor server on the same IP address as their
|website, people using Tor to get to the Indymedia website would automatically
|exit from their Tor server, thus getting *better* encryption and authentication
|properties than just browsing there the normal way.

I have another question about this FAQ, what does 'Tor server' here mean? Must this Tor server be an exit node?

In a more specific scenario, for example, if the Tor server exits only at port 443, but people browse the website on the same IP at port 80 using Tor, will their circuit exit from this Tor server?