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Re: DNS Server question

phobos@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> : My question is, after reading the Tor website should i be worried about
> : this config?
> 	It depends if you worry about your dns queries being seen by
> 	your ISP.  The alternative is to do the DNS lookups over Tor,
> 	rather than by your local W2K3 server.
OK - so that being said, which DNS address should I use then in the
Windows Networking dialog?  I am looking through the website now but
can't see it.
> : Should I be installing Tor on the 2K3 sever?
> 	If you'd like to run a tor server, sure!  If you question is
> 	will installing Tor on the server force all name resolution over
> 	Tor, then no, it won't.
OK - I am actually getting ready to install a tor server :)  and then
you answered my 2nd question as well.  It's much appreciated...