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Re: Sending mail through TOR/Socks

Is it possible your mail service can use port 587? I don't know how
many exit nodes allow that (nor do I know how to quickly check), but
I'm using 587 with SMTP over SSL, and it seems to work fine. Check my
headers if you don't believe me. :-)

Just tested this and it works (of course Murphy made sure that port 25 was also happily working tonight).

I'll probably have to look into one more thing since I think most of
the time I'm having problems seems to be on my laptop at the office.

Worse come to worst, I guess I will just have to go back to using TOR
with the domain's webmail. Been trying to avoid this since web mail is
typically snail paced and going through TOR means additional latency
plus pointless html traffic for the onion network.