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Carciofo - The vegetable sister of Tor in the Netsukuku realm

Hi there,

You might be interested in Carciofo:

It is an extension of the Netsukuku protocol to enable strong anonymity in the
Netsukuku network (see http://netsukuku.freaknet.org ).

It is similar to Tor and it may be possible to implement it starting from the
Tor code. The idea is to let Carciofo communicate to the Netsukuku daemon
(ntkd) through its API.

Moreover it will be interesting to see how Carciofo would apply on the
Internet with the help of Viphilama ( http://lab.dyne.org/Ntk_viphilama ),
which is currently under development.

We'd like to hear your thoughts about it. Right now, Carciofo is just a nice
idea, but if developed well, it would be really interesting.

If you'd like starting to implement Carciofo on your own, just do it, for now
we are working on other parts of the Netsukuku protocol, so we won't touch
Carciofo for a while.

Happy hacking,

Cya ^_^
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