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(FWD) french article about tor

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Subject: french article about tor
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I'm a french translator of tor website.
With isydor (another french translator), we wrote an article about tor.
It was published on framasoft, one of the main french site about free=20
software :


The first part : "Divers usages =E0 l'anonymat" is about who needs to be=20
anonymous, and about the fact that tor needs to be used by different=20
people to be efficient.

The second part : "=C9l=E9ments d'explication technique" is a technical=20
part : onion routing, socks, advantages and limits of tor, ...

The third part : "Effets f=E2cheux et effets vertueux" is about abuses :=20
what are the possible abuses ? what can be done to prevent them ? why=20
people wanting to commit abuses could do it without tor anyway.

Our main source of information were tor.eff.org and wiki.noreply.org,=20
specially tor.eff.org/overview.html and the video of Roger's talk at WTH

I hope, we succeeded in presenting the views of tor developers.
I also hope this will help spread tor.


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