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Re: Polipo 1.0.1 Windows binary

On Mon, Jun 25, 2007 at 04:59:50PM +0200, jch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote 0.6K bytes in 23 lines about:

I've built a Polipo-1.0.1 universal binary for OSX 10.4 and above.  This
Polipo installs to /Library/Polipo, uses a start script in
/Library/StartupItems/Polipo, and places the www, cache, and other
directories under /Library/Polipo.  The config file included uses port
8118 and attempts to make intelligent decisions for usage.  Polipo runs
on port 8118 to make it as easy as possible to replace Privoxy with
Polipo.  The config also assumes you have Tor running on localhost:9050. 

Please remember this is a test.  It appears to be stable after a few
days of abusive testing.

I welcome feedback and suggestions.  

The package is signed by my key, which signs most of the packages
created for Tor.  It's located at
http://interloper.org/tmp/polipo-1.0.1/index.html.  As always, there is no IP
address logging on the webserver.



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