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Re: [Polipo-users] Polipo 1.0.1 Windows binary

> I've built a Polipo-1.0.1 universal binary for OSX 10.4 and above.


Is the async resolver working?  I tested it under 10.3 at some point,
but I'd be glad to hear whether I've broken anything since then.

> The config file [...] attempts to make intelligent decisions for
> usage.

Could you please explain that?  (I'm unfortunately unable to unpack
your dmg file since I replaced my installation of MacOS 7.1 with
NetBSD 1.5.  So now you know why Polipo contains ``#ifdef __mc68020__''.)

> The package is signed by my key, which signs most of the packages
> created for Tor.

Conveniently, Andrew's key (31B0974B) is signed by Roger's (28988BF5)
which is signed by more or less everyone, so you should have no trouble
veryfing it.

Thanks a lot for your work, Andrew.


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