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Re: Next news from Germany

On Tue, 10 Jul 2007 12:03:02 +0200
awxcnx@xxxxxx wrote:

> I have a german website with some stuff about anonymity. It will go 
> down in 2-3 weeks. May be, some german gay want to download and
> save some of my work. I will prepare an offline version of the
> website:
>  http://www.anon-web.de

i've mirrored your site at

https://anon-web.aioe.org/ which will be available in the next hours
(you'll need the daily update of DNS cache).

if you wish to continue to develop this site, i'm ready to offer you a
sort of "hosting" that allows you to write it without legal risks.
Note that the german law doesn't forbid to publish any kind of
technical documentation so your site is still legal also in germany.