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Next news from Germany


I am a german TOR admin ("knuffel"). I have running a mixmaster remailer too ("awxcxn").
Both were running on a dedicated root server.

Half a year ago I have had my first trouble with the german BKA. The hoster of my
server got a letter from the BKA and closed my server without any respect to the law.
I contact the press an a few days later the server was back and online.

A few month ago I got an anonymous tip, a telecommunication surveillance is/was
running against me and I am listed in a "known" database.

Over the last months, I tried to figure out, what happens. 
I contact the data protection official of Germany for help.
Like me, he did not get any information because the prosecution 
denied any information with the reason:

"Any information will compromise the security of Germany or one of its parts."
( § 19 Absatz 6 Bundesdatenschutzgesetz )

I compromise the security of Germany, seems I am a terrorist or something like that.
The anti-terrorism-law in Germany is not a joke, nothink I want to feel by myself.
I contact a lawyer and he said, this is not a game, it is real!

Conclusion: The TOR node "knuffel" is down and will not come back. 
Please remove it from the directory. All my contact addresses and online
identities related to this kind of stuff will be closed next time.

I have a german website with some stuff about anonymity. It will go 
down in 2-3 weeks. May be, some german gay want to download and
save some of my work. I will prepare an offline version of the website:


Karsten N. 

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