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Re: Next news from Germany

awxcnx@xxxxxx wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a german TOR admin ("knuffel"). I have running a mixmaster remailer too ("awxcxn").
> Both were running on a dedicated root server.
> Half a year ago I have had my first trouble with the german BKA. The hoster of my
> server got a letter from the BKA and closed my server without any respect to the law.
> I contact the press an a few days later the server was back and online.
> A few month ago I got an anonymous tip, a telecommunication surveillance is/was
> running against me and I am listed in a "known" database.

I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble.

> I have a german website with some stuff about anonymity. It will go 
> down in 2-3 weeks. May be, some german gay want to download and
> save some of my work. I will prepare an offline version of the website:
>  http://www.anon-web.de

I have a copy of this website now. If you want to have someone else run
it, I'd be happy to host it. With or without the domain.