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Re: New Torbutton (1.1.4-alpha)

Thus spake kara.ml@xxxxxxxx (kara.ml@xxxxxxxx):

> Hi,
> > Looks like great progress. One question though
> My question: How does the new Torbutton interferes with other
> extensions for the same or similar purposes:

> - Adblock Plus
> - CookieCuller

I run these two. No conflicts so far.

> - User Agent Switcher

I briefly tested this. It seems to play nice. I would advise against
setting a different user agent during Tor usage though, because of
anonymity set reduction. Torbutton already masks your user agent to a
popular recent windows firefox build (and does a better job of it

> - SafeCache
> - SafeHistory

These two are superceded/assimilated by Torbutton in one form or another.

> - Flashblock

Might be useful for Non-Tor usage, but Tor usage will have all
plugins disabled. Would be interesting to know if flashblock can
somehow re-enable it, but I doubt it.

> - NoScript

No idea. I don't really like this thing. Also note that Tor nodes can
inject script from the default whitelist, so it doesn't really protect
you there.

> - RefControl

Hopefully this functionality will be assimilated into Torbutton.
Actually, are you aware of sites that their "Forge" functionality
still breaks? That is what I was considering implementing for all
sites with Torbutton. 

> - JavaScript Options

Looks relatively benign.

> - CookieSafe
> - CustomizeGoogle
> - Layerblock

Dunno about these guys. Please report any issues.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs

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