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Re: Blocking child pornography exits

Scott Bennett wrote:
     Okay, I wasn't aware of that.  How many servers do you think might have
no uncommented ExitPolicy statements?  As I pointed out before, the sample
torrc has "ExitPolicy reject *:*" uncommented, plus a few examples that are
commented.  People who make no changes to the exit policy section of the
sample torrc will run their servers as middleman servers.  So the question is,
how many servers are running as exit servers with the hard-coded default
exit policy in effect?

I believe you're misinterpreting the comment - that particular default exit policy is appended in all cases unless the torrc ends with reject *:* or accept *:* (note that the only likely reason for that is efficiency, since it would have no effect if it was appended in those cases.)

I seem to remember that the vast majority of servers did have that default policy in their exit policy, but I can't find a link to a good ol'-fashioned Tor directory server list so I can't demonstrate that right now.