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PHP's CURL & Tor integration hanging

I've developed PHP script to utilize Tor.
I use PHP's curl implementation to utilize specific
exit nodes and POST data at 12 sites per node and get

Now here is a problem...

Every approx. 15th - 30th time when I choose an exit
node, it hangs indefinitely during loading site.
Be aware that I did set connection timeout for CURL at
60 seconds and that I check exit node, by loading some
site, before using that node.
If site does load, then exit node is considered valid
and then I use it to POST data at 12 sites.
Problem is that every approx. 15th - 30th time, it
hangs indefinitely at, for example, 7th site.
Even when node was checked at a begening before usage,
against 60sec connection timeout rule it can stuck at
any of sites.

Last time it did hang that way for 19 hours?!?

Obviously, it is up to Tor, because it is sending some
signal to reset 60sec CURL's rule for termination(so
PHP's CURL can't close it!!).
But there is no data coming from Tor... and constantly
reseting 60sec CURL's rule, for termination in a

Is this some kind of bug?

It is very annoying...

Help please...

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