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Re: is this a bandwidth problem? my IP is a TOR exit, the client works and the server doesn't

Rip Rock wrote:

On 7/22/07, *Roger Dingledine* <arma@xxxxxxx <mailto:arma@xxxxxxx>> wrote:

    > I think the problem might be a lack of bandwidth.

    No, the problem is that your ports aren't reachable.

Okay, the problem is my ports. And because my logs had lacked the error messages described by Fabian, I guess I have socks4 where I ought to have socks4a, although I had thought that I had socks4a because my Privoxy config file has the line:

# forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 .

But of course the little dot prevents the forwarding from being used. So I tried taking out the "." and LittleSnitch reported that Privoxy was now trying to access the net when I tried to find the hidden service.

I now see that there is an error:
Jul 22 23:53:09:137 [Notice] Rend stream is 120 seconds late. Giving up on addre
ss '[scrubbed].onion'.

Now, the fact that I have that would lead me to think I have socks4a, but " example.noconnect" leads to an identical error page, so maybe I don't have socks4a, or maybe some other thing is going wrong with the 9050 mentioned in the file and the 8118 mentioned on the error page.
    > I don't believe I have a firewall problem.

You should rethink this. :)

Let me rephrase that. The problem exists whether my firewall is on or off, and it exists whether I activate or deactivate my "Little Snitch" program.

    > I imagine the worst-case scenario is that I'll be unable to
    resolve any
    > .onion URLs until

    Does http://6sxoyfb3h2nvok2d.onion/ load for you? You may have to try
    it several times.

That address opens immediately with the message:
The hidden wiki is gone. If you set up a new one and post the link to the or-talk list I'll link it from here. 06/07/07.

Some Hans Zaagman suggested in a post to or-talk <http://archives.seul.org/or/talk/Jun-2007/msg00215.html> to use http://hy2644uxnz6zwt6c.onion/hidden/ as a replacement. 07/07/07.


The problem comes when I try to open
which always takes at least 30 seconds, usually much longer, and results in a 404 error.
    If not, does it fail immediately (meaning you might not have
    your Firefox correctly -- you are using Firefox and Torbutton,
    right?) or
    does it take a few minutes to fail (meaning everything's configured
    correctly on your side, but your network is still too slow or
    flaky for
    it to work)?

It takes about a minute or two to fail, never more than five minutes. Thus I think my network is too slow, thus I wondered if more bandwidth might be required.

So anyway I went into the config file of Privoxy and added the following below the forward socks4a:
forward-socks4a / localhost:9050
forward-socks4a / localhost:8118
forward         192.168.*.*/
forward 10.*.*.*/ forward 127.*.*.*/ This was inspired by reading the faq/configuration file. However, neither the new hidden wiki, nor example.noconnect, show any new behaviors -- they both show the same error page, except for the URL.

So I guess I am going to build the 3.0.7 version of Privoxy from source to see newer and more interesting error messages.

Thanks for the hints so far.
Thanks in advance for any further advice.

For answering your "the wiki doesn't work" statement, this is as it is. All are unavailable at the time of writing.