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Excessive bandwidth use

Hi all,

I'm running an OR called "hamakor"
It is being run on a server that belongs to an NPO that promotes FOSS,
and the server is hosted, free of charge, curtsy of our ISP. As such, it
is very important to me not to exceed our host's graciousness.

I set up Tor about two days ago and, well, you can watch yourself what
happened to the stats at
http://hamakor.org.il/munin/hamakor.org.il/tux.hamakor.org.il.html. I
think it's fairly easy to see the point Tor was started from the graphs.

Most of the load - I can live with. Memory consumption is a little high,
but I can live with that too. What I find hard to swallow is the
bandwidth usage. It's a bit hard to quantify, as only this morning I
managed to completely separate the Tor communication to the IP ending
with 177. The graphs spell it out pretty clearly:

If you look at the memory usage graph
you will see that since starting tor, I made two restarts. The first
restart was to lower the maximal bandwidth from 5MB (burst 10MB) to 1MB
(burst 3MB). The second was to lower the bandwidth further to 800KB
(burst 1600KB).

While the memory usage clearly shows when a tor restart happened, I was
expecting the network utilization to also show the decrease in allowed
network usage. At the moment, however, it appears that the network usage
I'm currently experiencing is the same as it was when the server was
first started, when it was willing to give 6 times the bandwidth it does

Can anyone shed some light as to why the bandwidth limits I set are not
being respected?


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