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Re: initial directory bandwidth?

On 7/28/07, Michael_google gmail_Gersten <keybounce@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 7/27/07, Anil Gulecha <anil.verve@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I used TOR around a year back, but couldn't use it much as initial
> > setting up (directory and initializations) took up around 1 mb of my
> > download. Multiply that by 7 or 8 reboots per day and I lost serious
> > bandwidth..
> >
> > What is the situation now? How much does the directory weigh (if
> > present at all) and what are the average speeds one gets with TOR now.
> > I used to be able to have 20 KBps.. which wasn't blazing fast but
> > sufficient.
> >
> > Cheers
> > Anil
> I find that the speed ranges from 15 to 35 K bytes/sec, typically. If
> I want a higher speed, I toss a couple of "new identity"'s at it until
> I get above 70. I will occasionally, but only occasionally, get a
> circuit that fills my 150 K bytes/sec download speed.
> The current version will not even make me a directory server -- claims
> that my 384 upload DSL is not fast enough.
> Startup? Tor caches everything it needs now, and one big discussion
> going over the list is "Should we expire all those old caches now that
> we're doing some things differently?".
> 7 or 8 reboots a day? If I reboot every 7 or 8 days, that's a lot.

Thanks for the reply.

The reason I need to reboot is I constantly shift b/w windows/
Solaris/ linux (for gaming/projects I'm working on). I'll have a go at
the current version of TOR.