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Re: Torbutton 1.1.6-alpha

Mike Perry wrote:
> http://torbutton.torproject.org/dev/
> 1.1.6
>   30 Jul 2007
>   * bugfix: Fix an exception that may have messed up cookie/cache clearing
>     if you allowed Tor to write history URLs (possibly kills bug #457)
>   * bugfix: Use only sub-browsers for tagging. Could fix some Date
>     hooking misses (possibly kills bug #460)
>   * misc: Clean up annoying false positives with date hooking checks
> I've been running this version for a week or so now, and I have not
> seen any alerts about missing Javascript hooking. It is possible the
> bug has been fixed by those other fixes, plus I cut down on the false
> positives for those alerts.
> As always, please keep an eye on Torbutton to make sure it is actually
> properly blocking plugins, always properly clearing/isolating
> cookies+cache, disabling javascript for pages loaded in an opposite
> Tor state, and blocking CSS popups for the same.

I just installed torbutton 1.1.6, restarted firefox ( on
Kubuntu). Clicked on 'Tor Disabled', which changed to 'Tor Enabled'.
Then went to janusvm.peertech.org (which told me I was not using Tor),
then hit the back button and got a dialogue box with said: "False doc
hooking. Please report bug+website!" (my initial page was:
file:///usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/index.html). After that I seem to
get that error on every page, even when just switching tabs (just opened
the above URL in a second tab).
Just closed firefox and clicked on the above URL to restart firefox, it
restarts with 'Tor Enabled', but no error. Then opened an new empty tab,
and then switch back to the initial one and straight away get the error
again. (Toggling Tor to disabled stops this behaviour, enabling it again
starts it again.)

Also when I look at my extensions they don't seem to be disabled. I am
using the following extensions:

Adblock Filterset.G Updater -
Adblock Plus -
CookieSafe - 2.0.6
Fasterfox - 2.0.0
Forecastfox -
FoxyProxy - 2.5.3
Konquefox - 1.3
NoScript - 1.1.5
Tab Mix Plus - 0.3.6
Torbutton - 1.1.6-alpha
View Cookies CS - 1.0.7