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Torbutton 1.2.0rc5 Released

We've had a whole slough of fixes since I posted the last release
announcement for 1.2.0rc2. The most significant should be improved
addon compatibility, better preservation of Firefox preferences that
we touch, fixing issues with Tor toggle breaking for some option
combos, and an improved 'Restore Defaults' button. 

This version also features Firefox 3 cookie jar support, and support
for storing cookie jars in memory, both of which were submitted by

Here's the complete changelog since the last announcement:

 06 Jul 2008
 * bugfix: bug 734: Fix exception with clearing history on toggle
 * bugfix: bug 735: Fix exception with blocking Non-Tor history writes
 * bugfix: bug 720: FF3 cookie jar fix submitted by arno
 * misc: translation updates for French, Farsi, and others
 * misc: demote "mapper check" log message to info
 * new: Option to not write cookie jars to disk submitted by arno

 27 Jun 2008
 * misc: Refuse to jar cookies under Firefox 3. Lame workaround for Firefox
   Bug 439384, but it's the best we can do. At least we won't destroy
   cookies anymore.
 * misc: Some strings were present twice in the en-US locale. Didn't seem
   to cause any problems, but probably should be fixed.

 27 Jun 2008
 * bugfix: Lots of compatibility updates with other extensions. Issues
   with SpeedDial, Google Notebook, TabMixPlus, and others have been fixed.
 * bugfix: Fix bug with first window/tab after restart being partially
   prevented from performing network activity and/or history access.
 * bugfix: Add an additional pref for blocking Non-Tor file url network
   activity. Off by default. This should fix issues with Sage addon in
   Non-Tor mode.
 * bugfix: Be better about saving all sorts of Firefox prefs that we touch
   so that users' Non-Tor preferences are remembered.
 * bugfix: Fix potential issues with FF3 sessionstore by updating component,
   and performing version detection.
 * bugfix: Separate toggle into a 3 stage process to eliminate potential
   race conditions and issues with javascript and other functionality
   not working after Tor toggle.
 * new: Added 'Test Settings' button to Proxy Preferences that uses
   check.torproject.org to verify Tor status.
 * misc: Improve 'Restore Defaults' to reset all prefs that we touch.
 * misc: Fix logging system to be more user-legible.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs

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