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No Tor server exists that allows exit to Rejecting.

I noticed this in my tor client log [Tor v0.2.0.28-rc (r15188) with
SafeLogging 0 in torrc]:

[notice] No Tor server exists that allows exit to Rejecting.

I Googled and found the following post to this mailing list. I would like
to second this request, more than a year later:

"I'm running RC-12, and I got (this morning)
Mar 31 07:50:55 stbmac Tor[6498]: No Tor server exists that allows
exit to Rejecting.\n

With no indication of who said

Can we please get that message to indicate which Tor node mapped
[scrubbed] to an unusable address?

In other words, rather than Tor maintaining a list of hostname ->
(address, ttl) maps, maintain hostname -> (address, ttl, node that
provided the mapping), and allow that list to be queried.
Automatically provide the mapping when Tor detects an invalid case
like this." - http://archives.seul.org/or/talk/Mar-2007/msg00404.html

There was no response to the individual's post on the list, and over a
year later this issue still exists, may this please be resolved, rather
than this post go ignored? And please, do not quiet the message rather
than dealing with it, as I've seen some other messages eventually
disappear unless uber logging is enabled to reveal them.