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Re: [OT] message formats (was: browser footprint)

On Wed, 23 Jul 2008, Scott Bennett wrote:
    Then you should send your suggestion to Sun Microsystems, Inc., not
to me, because this particular implementation is the Solaris version.  You
may also want to suggest something similar to the FreeBSD development team
for UCBmail (likewise the NetBSD and OpenBSD teams) because that is included
in the base system just as mailx is with Solaris, and probably also to
the LINUX developers, though I don't use LINUX and do not know for sure
that they maintain a version of mailx.  It is indeed a UNIX standard, so
live with it.

the man-page of mailx on UNIX states:

------- snap
mailx supports the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) standard
in two ways: it supports the creation of multipart and text/enriched
messages, and supports the reading of MIME messages by automatically
invoking the metamail(1) program when necessary. ------- snap

and the man-page of metamail:

------- snap
Note also that metamail automatically decodes mail that has been encoded
for 7-bit transport if the mail includes a ``Content-Transfer-Encoding''
header as specified by RFC 1341. If data has been encoded via the
"base64" encoding, it will map CRLF to local newlines for textual data,
but not for other data, unless instructed otherwise by a textualnewlines
field in a mailcap entry. ------- snap

so why not just end the discussion, by correctly configuring your

Florian Reitmeir