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Re: [OT] message formats (was: browser footprint)

     On Wed, 23 Jul 2008 11:47:15 +0200 mplsfox02@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>Scott Bennett:
>>  It is indeed a UNIX standard, so live with it.
>And MIME is an IETF standard, so live with it. A very adopted one, btw.

     I do, thank you, but only when I need it to transfer non-ASCII file
types.  It's fine for private email, though it does introduce security
risks for many users, but it's still a bad idea for mailing lists.  Many
modern lists have scrubbers that remove all MIME attachments for that
>People using webmailers like gmail.com don't even have a choice how  
>their mail gets assembled. But you have a choice to switch your mailer  

     First, I am not the administrator of this system.

>to a current one. I suggest you to try out "mutt". I don't use it, as  

     Second, I am using this system until it dies.  Then I'll have to
find a different place to deal with email.  Until that happens, I have
no way of knowing which mailers will be available to me wherever I end
up.  If I switch interfaces, it will have to wait until then because I
see no point in doing it twice.
     In any case, there is no need for threading in OR-TALK, and the
character set should still be ASCII.

>I prefer graphical user interfaces, but purists like you have fun with  
>it and it is up-to-date software. (Man, incredible, I had these  
>discussions already 10 years ago.)
     I hope you enjoyed the review. :-)  Now let's stop this, and get
back to discussing tor-related matters.

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