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Re: Researchers could face legal risks for Tor network snooping [2]

Addenda ... apropos the *5th-column*-in-tune article by the cnet.com tabloid

>     Some of Tor's users include pro-democracy dissidents, journalists and
>     bloggers in countries like China, Egypt and Burma^1 who would otherwise
>     face arrest and torture for their work.

Myanmar, the People's Republic of China, the Arab Republic of Egypt?! ...
Hmmm, but why should a hired ignorant who visibly knows zero on his own
country refer to other countries and be better informed and clairvoyant? Which
REAL "pro-democracy dissidents" would welcome the *support* and *approval* by
a lackey?^2

To let us understand:

    U.S. quality of life ranks low, going lower^3

    U.S. imperialism's proponents are fond of characterizing the U.S. as a
    land of "freedom and opportunity." This myth is shattered by the findings
    in a recently published study that uses U.N. research methodology to
    analyze socioeconomic conditions in the U.S.

    The study, published July 16, is titled, "The Measure of America: American
    Human Development Report 2008-2009." In it, researchers analyze the
    comparative ability of U.S. residents to access healthcare, education,
    employment and housing.

    Of the 30 richest countries comprising the Organization for Economic
    Cooperation and Development, the U.S. has the greatest proportion of
    children living in poverty. Despite spending more money per capita on
    health care than any other country on the planet, the U.S. ranks 42nd
    globally in life expectancy.

    U.S. infant mortality ranks 34th globally, according to the OECD report.
    If the U.S. were able to achieve an infant mortality rate as low as
    top-ranked Sweden, 20,000 more babies would survive here each year.



    From Bad to Worse

    The findings in this study are bleak indeed, but perhaps most troubling is
    the fact that the report is based on statistics from 2005. All the dismal
    statistics are drawn from the time before the mortgage crisis struck and
    the ensuing economic meltdown began.


etc. [the findings do also not take in account the consequences of the
false-flag/synthetic-terrorism-operation of 9/11 directly] ... I could easily
add to the list entries after entries [example: the U.S. has the world's
largest population living in jails] till tomorrow.

Moreover, why would these "pro-democracy dissidents" use Tor ... to become
better *enlightened* ABROAD on what should be occurring at their homes? Or
[making fun/joke] to ... *read bad things* on, say, the U.S. in "Egypt"?!

How do, by the way, those "dissidents" connect to Tor ... stunnel till an
entry point outside the country?, via satellite?, ... let's talk of going from
Louvain to Louvain-la-Neuve via Gibraltar.

/Roy Lanek

     1. --

     2. Mercenariat politique: Les *Dames en
blanc* de Cuba, par Salim Lamrani, 1er juin 2008,

For those who can read French [but many articles from voltairenet.org are
translated in other languages too]--incidentally notice that voltairenet.org
has been *obliged* to host/move their site to Ukraina recently ... away from
France--here there is a couple of relevant snippets:

    A Cuba, un groupe de femmes, les *Dames en blanc*, manifeste chaque
    dimanche pour la liberation de leurs proches. La propagande occidentale
    a tot fait d'y voir un equivalent aux *Meres de la Place de Mai* qui
    manifestaient pour les disparus argentins. Ce parallele permet d'assimiler
    le gouvernement cubain a la junte militaire argentine. Seulement voila :
    les detenus cubains n'ont pas ete enleves et tortures pour leurs opinions
    politiques, mais juges contradictoirement, condamnes pour intelligence
    avec l'ennemi, et incarceres. Les *Meres de la Place de Mai* risquaient
    leur vie, les *Dames en blanc*, elles, sont ouvertement salariees par les
    USA pour jouer ce happening hebdomadaire.


    Interrogee a ce sujet, Hebe de Bonafini, presidente de l'association
    Meres de la Place de Mai [1], universellement reconnue et respectee pour
    sa lutte infatigable contre les injustices, a denonce le rapprochement
    fallacieux effectue par les Dames en blanc et a eu une reponse assez
    cinglante envers les journalistes en question :

    "Tout d'abord, laissez-moi vous dire que la Plaza de Mayo se trouve en
    Argentine et nulle part ailleurs. Notre foulard blanc symbolise la vie
    alors que ces femmes dont vous me parlez representent la mort. Voila la
    difference la plus importante et la plus substantielle qu'il faut signaler
    a ces journalistes. Nous n'allons pas accepter que l'on nous compare
    ou qu'elles utilisent nos symboles pour nous pietiner. Nous sommes en
    total dsaccord avec leurs propos. Ces femmes defendent le terrorisme des
    Etats-Unis. Elle defendent le premier pays terroriste du monde, celui qui
    a le plus de sang sur les mains, celui qui a lance le plus de bombes,
    celui qui a envahi le plus de pays, celui qui a impose les plus fortes
    sanctions economiques contre les autres. Nous sommes en train de parler de
    la nation qui est responsable des crimes d'Hiroshima et Nagasaki."

Etc., read the article at the given URL.

     3. U.S. quality of life ranks low, going lower: Study of health care,
education, employment, housing and oppression of Black communities, by
Jaimeson Champion, published Jul 27, 2008 8:09 PM


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