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About US$3 Million Spent per Second on Pornography in Indonesia

Myth #?! ... don't know, some low number in any case: --Tor as a *stratagem* for
watching pornography.--


    About US$3 Million Spent per Second on Pornography
    Monday, 28 July, 2008 | 13:44 WIB
    [Roy: link will expire within a couple of days]

    TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: Head of Internet Rental Centers in Indonesia
    (Awari), Irwin Day, has that the money in circulation being spent on
    pornography has reached US$3.075 million per second.

    "Based on statistical data in 2006, more than 28,258 users per second
    look at pornographic sites," said Irwin at a press conference about Safe
    Internet for Children at the Department of Communication and Informatics,
    on Friday (25/7) last week.

    Irwin also mentioned that revenues from pornography throughout the world
    in 2006 reached US$97.06 billion, with 28 percent coming from China and 27
    percent from South Korea.

    He explained that 25 percent of all search engines looked for pornography
    every day and that 12 percent of total sites, or 4.2 million sites, are
    included as pornographic sites.

    "There are 420 million pornographic pages," said Irwin.

    He went on to say that some children have already started checking out
    pornographic sites when they are as young as 11 years old.

    The largest amount of consumers, however, is still adults aged between
    39-49 years.

    Irwin went on saying that in Indonesia, seven out of 100 top sites are
    pornographic sites.

    In terms of looking for the word `sex' at search engines, Indonesia is
    ranked number seven in Asia, while the largest amount of searchers for
    this word come from Pakistan.


    copyright TEMPO

Do all these "consumers" use Tor?! I doubt it VERY much.

Notice en passant that Indonesia's population is #4 in the world, though
Indonesia is certainly much far behind in Internet users ranking [where #1
is China ... the People's Republic of China that is, who has surpassed the
U.S.]. And notice that the average income of the Indonesian is in the order of
a couple of hundredths USD/month: one-two-less, I should google. (Just to get
the idea of the imbalance.)

/Roy Lanek
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