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Re: About US$3 Million Spent per Second on Pornography in Indonesia

What kind of nonsense. Just calculate:

   1 s            3.075.000 $
  60 s          184.500.000 $
   1 h $ (11 mrd $ per hour!!!)
  24 h      265.680.000.000 $ ( 265 mrd $ per day)
   1 month   7,9704 x 10^12 $

If that country were so rich I would live there for 15 years now. My wife is
indonesian and I know how poor that country is. They NEVER were able to spend
just a small part of that money. Another fact is that education there is
incredibly bad and lots of people are stupid in a way noone can imagine. I
think this is the reason why such nonsense finds it way into indo newspapers.

Am Montag 28 Juli 2008 schrieb Roy Lanek:
> Myth #?! ... don't know, some low number in any case: --Tor as a *stratagem*
> watching pornography.--
> Fact:
>     About US$3 Million Spent per Second on Pornography
>     Monday, 28 July, 2008 | 13:44 WIB
>     [Roy: link will expire within a couple of days]
>     TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: Head of Internet Rental Centers in Indonesia
>     (Awari), Irwin Day, has that the money in circulation being spent on
>     pornography has reached US$3.075 million per second.