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Re: About US$3 Million Spent per Second on Pornography in Indonesia

This has nothing to do with Tor.  Wrong mailing list dude.

On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 10:37 AM, Roy Lanek <lanek@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> What kind of nonsense.

Not so much ... I wonder: are you fishing perhaps? This is Tempo Online
translated in English. There quite likely can be a *salad* ... quantitatively
speaking. (Reading the article is also--agreed--not always clear to understand
what is peculiar to Indonesia vs. what is general; moreover, Indonesia is
going to introduce a *great firewall* next year ...)

But qualitatively, they may not be that wrong.

I ignore how the business goes, but I remember to have read in Singapore of
astronomical *NETTO* sums made a month by pimps [in Singapore].

4.2 million sites make less than 1 USD a second per site. I don't know how
many hits *successful* sites have and how the *administration* goes in the

There are to pay: hosting, ==HEAVY== *commissions* on the left and on the
right for sure [Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population
in the world: you could drink Whiskey and Vodka and be *entertained* even
in Aceh too--paying of course]: protection from the police, politicians,
malavitosi, *insurances*, indemnifications for the ISPs etc. And so on ...
Internet-expenses-in-general inclusive [in Indonesia there are generalized
power outages daily since months ... up to 7-8-9-10 hours of blackout 7/24].

I guess that the *material* shown will be specialized ... meaning that it will
be *Asian* [and made in Asia, not in the Netherlands, U.S. or Switzerland],
not Russian nor Nordic. That will have a price too. They will then need some
certificates, or cellular phone infrastructure, for doing *business*--I would
include the latter too, the business extra [there are enough *bapak* in
Indonesia, a country of perhaps 230+ million, with MUCH more money to spend
than you have: Singapore's #1 foreign flat owners are Indonesian, I believe,
ethnic Chinese ones inclusive of course] in the balance.

I would add the *amortization* of the hardware--desktops, notebooks,
whatever--and of the time wasted by the "consumers."

3000, 300 ... even 30 USD/s [or who knows, 3 million a day] would still be

>    1 s            3.075.000 $
>   60 s          184.500.000 $
>    1 h $ (11 mrd $ per hour!!!)
>   24 h      265.680.000.000 $ ( 265 mrd $ per day)
>    1 month   7,9704 x 10^12 $

Could it be world-, or continent wide? ... but it makes even limited
difference, eventually; you are missing the point: to be, say, "drown, hanged
and quartered" [I am quoting a movie based a popular book] makes little
difference after stage one of the series has been carried out.

> If that country were so rich I would live there for 15 years now. My wife is
> indonesian and I know how poor that country is. They NEVER were able to spend
> just a small part of that money. Another fact is that education there is
> incredibly bad and lots of people are stupid in a way noone can imagine. I
> think this is the reason why such nonsense finds it way into indo newspapers.

And *uncertainty [Heisenberg] principle* verified ... *interesting* in a
sense! For a couple of correct observations you have made you have written
some compensatory idiocies on a country which you clearly do not know.

/Roy Lanek
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