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Sending SIGHUP under Windows

Hi! As I've gotten annoyed with Vidalia lately (which silently strips away several options I've manually added to TORRC, this behaviour has been noted in their bug-reporting system but, atleast currently, it's not been fixed) then I wondered if anyone can provide a working way to send SIGHUP (and possibly also SIGTERM) to Tor (which is running as a service) on Windows (specifically W2K) platform? I've tried CygWin's KILL, but this fails with "couldn't open pid 708" message (708 being the Windows PID that 'ps -W' outputs). Tested the VBS script that was posted to the list some time ago, but that fails authentication (I've set up a password for Tor, perhaps if the script could be modified to send also the hash then it'd work?). Any help would be appreciated. ___________________________________________________________ Sent by ePrompter, the premier email notification software. Free download at http://www.ePrompter.com.