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Re: Firefox video tag

* on the Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 09:56:05PM -0400, Gregory Maxwell wrote:

>> Firefox 3.5 was released today. Has anyone investigated the new video tag that
>> it supports with regards to whether or not it can cause leaks with Tor?
> <video> and <audio> should have exactly the same attack surface as <img> has.
> Thats one of the benefits that firefox's approach of building the
> codecs internally rather than invoking an external media framework
> (like safari does) should have.
> I've been hoping very much that tor would not ultimately need to filter these???

So as long as Firefox doesn't invoke an external media player for any video type it
supports, it's safe for Tor? Perhaps it's worth keeping an eye on it in case they
introduce a new video type which uses an external player which bypasses the proxy