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Re: many new relays

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On 07/04/2009 11:59 AM, grarpamp wrote:
> I usually play with this form of output as it is the most verbose.
> getinfo desc/all-recent | perl_splitter -> separate files
>  by fingerprint or other tag.
> Even one of these (or a cached-descriptors) from before the
> jump could be enough. An ls -al of your dirs could probably
> find a good pre jump candidate by size. The 19th seems to
> be the first of the permanent influx.
>>  If someone needs ... server descriptors ... please let me know
> So sure, just one from the 17th might be good.

It's not that simple. Every descriptor is stored in a separate file.
Archiving the cached-* files would add a lot of redundancy.

> As to future distribution and if size is a problem ...
> My current view of getinfo desc/all-recent is 4.356MiB, 1.801MiB
> compressed. Removing this uncompressible info irrelevent to
> the subject:
>  if (/^opt (extra\-info\-digest|(read|write)\-history) /) {
>  if (/^(onion\-key|signing\-key|router\-signature)$/) {
> gives 1.641MiB, .292MiB compressed.

Good idea. Removing the crypto parts did the trick. The compressed June
descriptors are now 20 MB rather than about 100 MB before. I think we
can afford the bandwidth (even if 50 or-talkers download the thing):


You'll probably want to use the published timestamps or write your own
little parsing application to match descriptors with network status
lines in the consensuses:


(I'll remove both links in 1 month from now.)

Let us know what you find!

- --Karsten

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