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Re: concerning tor bug report #1026

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On Jul 7, 2009, at 3:28 PM, Scott Bennett wrote:

Yes, I see the mistake now. My apologies. I was still thinking about
the "Last edited by" field at the top of the report. :-(

no problem at all

Okay. From Roger's comment, I wasn't sure. In any case, it is *not*
an old report.  This happened late last week, Thursday, IIRC.

Jup, Roger and I were thinking that the relay descriptor was changed.

Yes, I see your comment. However, if the decision is to go with making the relay (not client) recognize that the authorities didn't take the update, then the ~18-hour timer should *not* be changed from its setting before the failed attempt to update. 18 hours from the previous publication time will
be soon enough, at least in this situation, right?

Just not publishing wouldn't be the ideal solution here. It would be even better if the relay just realized "heh, the descriptor I have is about to expire soon. I'd better submit a new one to the authorities". That way, they wouldn't fall off even in your case.

I am approaching the conclusion that there may be quite a few ways in which relays may be incorrectly dropped from the consensus and that it may
take a while to pin each of them down. :-)

Yes, that is unfortunately correct. We often don't notice, because it takes max 18 hours for them to be back online, but we've been tracking down some of the issues.

                                 Scott Bennett, Comm. ASMELG, CFIAG